We Bring The Power Of Scale

To companies and organizations, predominantly high-rise condominiums, commercial buildings and apartment buildings.

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Reaching New Heights

We bring the power of scale to organizations like yours. Specializing in condominium, commercial and apartment buildings, we leverage our collective buying power, exclusive partnerships and industry knowledge to offer special programs and incentives to our clients. Providing cost savings and better terms on contract services, products, energy, insurance and more, The Stratus Agency aims to bring strength and independence to its clients.

Who We Are

The Stratus mission is to bring the power of scale to organizations like yours.

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What We Do

With Stratus, we lower your costs and increase your service. It’s that simple. Our innovative programs will meet and exceed your organization’s expectations.

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How We Do It

Leveraging our industry expertise and collective buying power, we provide unique programs that place our clients in a position of greater strength and independence.

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Connect With Us

Let's get in touch and see how we can help your organization's bottom line.

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  • Phone: (214) 550-2884
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